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OMEGA Home Theatre Speaker system SPK-564

Brand :

R1,199.00 Original price was: R1,199.00.R1,149.00Current price is: R1,149.00.
HM Fazal


Transform your home and crank up the volume with this Omega Home Theatre System! your viewing and listening experience is guaranteed to be elevated. Connect to music on your USB drive, and easily set up your home theater system, the speakers are designed for easy installation and maximum space utilization, and it comes with a simple instruction manual.

Surround sound adds a bit of excitement when watching action movies or playing video games. The beauty of this home theater system is that it puts you in control of the design. You can customize everything to achieve the perfect sound for your ears. Experience a higher sense of audio clarity!

Specifications :

Power(RMS): 30W + 15W

Driver units: 6.5″”subwoofer+3″”*3

USB/SD slot ;

Digital FM radio

Full-function remote control

LED digital display

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